Tuesday, August 30, 2005

autostitch fun

I've just discovered the autostitch tool thanks to a coworker. I know, I'm late to the party and Technorati shows that 28 people have linked to it already (and another 108 have linked to the redirect URL. My blog is already doomed for having such old news.

Anyway, I spent my entire night last night stitching together various pictures from my digital photos. (I'm married and live on the Upper West Side, not the Wild Side if you know what I'm saying.) This is what autostitch does: it looks at a group of pictures, algorithmically finds the common edges, and then puts them together as a panorama. In some cases it generates beautiful results and in some others it mangles the picture in a really interesting way. It was the latter that had me poking through my folder; I was particularly interested in what happens when the background changes only slightly but the person in the foreground moves. I even got one that included my wife twice:
My wives(!) at the Royal Palace
(that's in the Royal Palace complex in Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

and my favorite is this one, in which I took a picture of my wife, she took one of me, and autostitch put us both in there:
Near Taos Pueblo(that's outside Taos Pueblo in New Mexico)

Many pictures do not survive the stitching process intact but that's what's interesting to me about it. I have long enjoyed using computers to mess around with digital pictures, scanned images, and Wacom/TabletPC digitized drawings and this is just another goofy way to mess with the pictures.

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