Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Firefox add-in brings home the scourge of the splogs

Found this on digg while investigating a phenomenon that has fascinated and annoyed me since I installed Blogger Web Comments for Firefox . Basically, many links have splog comments appearing in the Web Comments popups. I am even starting to recognize splog names and verbiage styles as they appear in the popup. Click any one and when you see a bunch of other, very similar links appear in the Web Comments popup, you know for sure you've got a splog on your hands.

Three things of interest to me here:

1) Is digg just feeding the splogs? It seems that a lot of splog writers/operators/spammers (not sure of the correct terminology here) have just automatically plugged into digg's RSS feed and that's where all their posts come from. I like digg since I discovered it only a few months ago (I know, I'm new to this whole Web 2.0 thing you kids are always going on about) and if it wasn't digg feeding the splogs it'd be something else.

2) Is digg/memeorandum/blognicient/del.icio.us and the rest of their ilk feeding every blogger to post the same links at the same time? I had ideas for a longer post awhile back in which I blamed Memeorandum for the bandwagon-esque nature of technical blogs, but reading
this excellent if provocatively titled post stated it more succinctly than I am capable of. But taking it a step further, to some extent, if everyone writes about Google providing free wireless access to Alcatraz Island as a publicity stunt, and 9,000 splogs also post the same info, what is the difference between the splog and the blog of some well-meaning but not very creative individual who just posts links to things that he or she finds on digg that pique his or her interest?

3) I think I like Google Web Comments for Firefox. This is a test blog entry using it and spontaneously arose from something I saw. (on digg... yup, I'm a hypocrite!) I am liking the ability to immediately blog on topics since probably even my own wife has unsubscribed from this blog due to my infrequent posting, leaving me with 0 readers, and this just came out of the blue. However, I will note that I had to add carriage returns in for the 1), 2), and 3) sections as well as my signature as it was one big paragraph. Otherwise, I heartily endorse this product or service


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Thursday, December 15, 2005

My (almost) 365 days with a TabletPC

Tonight, Memeorandum yielded a nice article by TDavid, a regular TabletPC blogger who I have read in the past but have not kept up with in the past few months. (I have not really been keeping up with certain subsets of my RSS feed list and TabletPCs have definitely been one of them.) He has just passed 365 days as a TabletPC user and since I am coming close to that milestone myself I realized I had a couple things to say about my own experience as well as about TDavid's article:

Positive things about the last ~340 days as a TabletPC user:

I also had a few comments on TDavid's post:


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