Sunday, August 28, 2005

hello world

Give Our Abilities Time is a blog about my interests: technology, music, and travel. I'm a 34-year old resident of the Upper West Side who works in law firm IT consulting. I am also a drummer in the band Dudes of Doom, and, before that, GOLNAR. I also have been to a not entirely unimpressive number of foreign countries and have taken pictures that run the gamut from beautiful to juvenile.

My professional interests include:

- SANs and storage

- data center consolidation and disaster recovery

- monitoring, application sizing, and remote data center management

- "information management" e.g. knowledge sharing, information retrieval via RSS, blogs, email search tools, document management, OneNote, MindManager, SharePoint

- information security

My personal (technical) interests include:

- Tablet PC (I have a Fujitsu T3010D for work and use it in "slate mode" to take notes in every meeting I attend -- and as a consultant, I attend a lot of meetings)

- Treo and mobile computing (I just upgraded from a 600 to a 650 and it has on balance been an improvement, but there are a few things which have been a bit disappointing)

- Microsoft Media Center Edition (I recently bought an HP z552)

- Unreal Tournament 2004 (I still play an hour a day most days)

I have been in the following bands:

- Thunderdogg (1989-1994)

- GOLNAR (1994, 2000-2002) is still up if you want to check it out

- a band that didn't get to the point of picking a name (spring/summer 2003) (actually the singer/songwriter had picked the name "Sullen Bliss" but me and my friend in the band hated that name -- the singer ultimately disappeared from sight, married a 19-year-old, and formed a band with her)

- Dudes of Doom (2004-2005)

I have been to the following countries:

- Canada (Windsor, Vancouver)

- Ireland (Kerry, Dublin)

- England (London)

- Netherlands (Amsterdam, Haarlem)

- Hong Kong and Macau

- Thailand (Bangkok, Hua Hin)

- Cambodia (Siem Riep (Angkor Wat), Phnom Penh)

- Japan (Tokyo only but returning soon for more)

- Spain (Barcelona only)

- Belgium (Brussels airport only)

- Italy (Rome only, supposed to be more but Barcelona to Milan flight got screwed up, hence unscheduled full-day visit to Brussels Airport)

- Germany (Berlin only but I want to go back!)

- Estonia (Tallinn and the Lahemaa National Park)

I have never blogged before but have been reading blogs actively for about a year. So I have developed a view of what I enjoy reading and what I do not enjoy, or find derivative. Anyway, subscribe to my blog if you like, and if you know me, try not to read too much into my writings. I know some topics will bore some people and some will bore some others but I'm not going to be so presumptuous as to split this into multiple blogs. Enjoy...

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