Saturday, September 17, 2005


Shit, this is bad news for one of my favorite local places:

Amsterdam Bars below 114th.

The 103rd Street Dorm:
While not technically a bar, this new, anonymous dorm is quietly the biggest change around here. This addition to the CU Empire will have underclassmen sleeping further south in Manhattan Valley than ever (one nighters at the nearby Youth Hostel excepted). While we've yet to see the effects, locals have been bracing for a stampede of sweatpants-wearing, overexcited youngsters. Adjacent bars like Tap A Keg, Eden, Smoke and Broadway Dive may or may not see spikes in illegal orders for cranberry vodkas, which would certainly cramp their respective working stiff, white jazz, hispanic, and cirrhotic styles. Whatever the case, Abbey Pub, which in years past was the darkened bar of choice for high school Engles fans, will be packed. Those >30 might want to stay clear (or bring GBH, your call.)

[Via Verbose Coma]

I loved the Abbey Pub :(

(Broadway Dive was pretty good also)

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