Monday, February 13, 2006

productivity/GTD blog links

I recently saw a copy of David Allen's book Getting Things Done on my coworker's desk, which I started reading, put down, and recently picked back up again after a four-month hiatus. I may write more later if I see my productivity rising dramatically but I did want to tell my coworker which GTD and productivity-related blogs I read, and figured I could do a little blogrolling in the process...

Gary Slinger: A one-time commenter who writes an excellent blog. I particularly recommend his Implementing GTD with a Blackberry series.
43 Folders: Simple, yet genius productivity tips. If you don't read Merlin already you should.
Tasks and Time Management in Outlook (12): Neat info on task functions in the next version of Outlook
What's the Next Action: Useful tips; I believe the author is part of the TabletPC community
MarkTAW: Updated even less frequently than the blog you are now reading, still contains some excellent GTD articles.


Thanks for the plug ;) As it happens, I've been quite interested in your recent posts on HDTV and MCE, as that's a home-entertainment avenue I'm going to go down shortly myself.

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