Thursday, June 08, 2006


Since it seems like many of you find this blog by searching for MainSP2op.MSP, I felt like I should link to the file that contains it to help you out:

Choose the Office2003SP2-KB887616-Client-ENU.exe from this page. Extract it to get the MSP file.

FYI, Blogger sucks today... (that page contains far too many variations of the word "blog" for its own good but clearly they have the blogging world fairly well researched)

Didn't work
Hmm, are you saying the file didn't work or the copy of MAINSP2op.msp didn't work for what you were trying to do? I downloaded the client version of that file and then used WinRAR to extract it, and MAINSP2op.msp was contained inside it. Not sure if you're still reading this thread but if so, please elaborate and I'll try to help.
Another anonymous reader posts...

I downloaded the FullFile version, and found (doh!) that the op file isn't in it.

Then I downloaded the Client version, and found it.

I still wasn't able to use Outlook 2003 from another user, it now wants a PowerPnt.MSP. Tomorrow's another day.
I wanted to say thank you. Not many people would have taken the time to post this for others, you did and I truly appreciate you for it. Merry Christmas and Oscar too. A very beautiful Child.
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