Friday, July 20, 2012

what a difference 16 months makes!

alright, my non-existent posting schedule makes this a complete joke, so let's dispense with the personal stuff since the two or three people who subscribe to this blog know me personally. if not, I have another son who is 2 in addition to the one who is now 5, and I also got a new and better job. 
so, in the Give Our Abilities Time technical world, here's what's new: 

media center


That is all. I may post again within the next 6 months. Keep your RSS reader at the ready.


Have you looked at XBMC on either the PC or now coming out on the Android platform. Looks like it might be a good replacement for Media Center.

I didn't hear about the new job. Where are you working now?
yeah, I'm kind of like a freelance goatherd in Northern Utah -- I have established dominance over the herd while dressed as a goat. they call me "the goat man" in their language.

just kidding, I have the same job I took a year ago. I only call it new in this blog post because the previous post was from March 2011 when we still worked at the same place.
oh and as to XBMC, I am going to look at RaspBMC once the Raspberry Pi shows up -- it can play MKVs natively, so as long as I figure out the hookup to my amp and a remote control app it could replace the XBOX.
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