Thursday, December 15, 2005

My (almost) 365 days with a TabletPC

Tonight, Memeorandum yielded a nice article by TDavid, a regular TabletPC blogger who I have read in the past but have not kept up with in the past few months. (I have not really been keeping up with certain subsets of my RSS feed list and TabletPCs have definitely been one of them.) He has just passed 365 days as a TabletPC user and since I am coming close to that milestone myself I realized I had a couple things to say about my own experience as well as about TDavid's article:

Positive things about the last ~340 days as a TabletPC user:

I also had a few comments on TDavid's post:


Thanks for offering your 365 day perspective as well :)
Great impressions!

Thanks for your knowledge, I'll keep reading !
There are more PowerToys at

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