Friday, January 20, 2006

hell, dude, we're just gettin' started... with MindManager!

hell, dude, we're just gettin' started... with MindManager!

So, yay, I finally convinced my company to buy me (and two others) copies of MindManager Pro 6. We are brainstorming the implementation piece of our plan next week on site so this is right on time.

So, blogosphere, riddle me this: am I crazy or did I read that the BlawgThink! conference used a MindJet Labs plug-in that somehow allowed multiple people to access pieces of the same map? This would help "AB" and I next week since we are building our own maps since we are responsible for developing tasks for different teams, but it would be nice to see a big rolled-up map. I know I can play with external references but I am not under the impression that this works in real time. So why do I think I read that the BlawgThink! conference was using some method of rolling up the maps so that everyone could access them?

As Michael Sampson wrote a few months back, collaborating via shared mind maps would be awesome. But I don't think you need true remote control or screen-casting like Live Meeting, it would be better to use a OneNote Shared Session-like technology. Even using a OneNote 12-like loose coupling where individual map items are slowly updated to like a Sharepoint server or something that multiple people are using would be awesome. I've written before about OneNote shared sessions and I find I basically rely on them now; if I could take notes in MindManager (and easily get them out into a reasonable Word format -- more on this later) then I would be psyched. But I can't give up the real-time shared sessions so I will just hope that MindJet thinks about putting this into their next version.


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