Sunday, August 06, 2006

day of Treo / Goodlink frustration

1) woke up at 10:30 to find my Treo 700p constantly rebooting

2) after experimenting with depriving the Treo of its battery for various lengths of time, it became clear that only a hard reset would fix the problem

3) resynced with my work laptop, it took back its identity from Hotsync

4) popped in the SD card and I took it up on its offer to restore Goodlink from its backup, which was only a week or two old

5) Error: "You need to re-connect

Press 'R' to reprovision

65: Session must resync"

6) press R, Treo reboots

7) repeat entire process several more times, increasingly fighting off urge to throw Treo out a window, but realize that my employer paid almost $450 for the device. go to gym, run, stretch, ice, eat breakfast

8) delete all the Good apps from Treo and from SD card, download OTA setup, find old PIN from when I first got the 700p, run OTA setup

9) receive the error 65 again

10) delete GLLogDB (only Goodlink file I could find) in C:\Program Files\palmOne\me\Backup\, hard reset again, resync everything

11) guess what? error 65

12) leave apartment to pick up a few groceries so as to suppress urge to take hammer to Treo

This is like the fifth weekend day in the last few months I've given up to fix a problem with my Treo that just showed up out of the blue, so that I would have a working device on my weekly St. Louis trips. Fuck Palm, I should have bought a Q.


update: fixed

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