Sunday, September 10, 2006

technology turns against me part 1: Treo 700p

Lately I feel like, as I finally achieve a relatively stable equilibrium on my work Tablet PC despite switching to beta software for two of my critical applications (Outlook 2007 and OneNote 2007), certain other key weapons in my technological arsenal are falling to shit. Maybe you can only have one technology item work well for you at a time.

Anyway, the point of this short blog entry is to note that, with no provocation, on Wednesday I began receiving the GX_ASSERT error with my not-much-more-than-two-month-old Treo 700p. Again. This time, I knew not to have a tantrum, and instead calmly waited until I got to work, and then:

  • asked to have my Goodlink user and cached profile blown away and recreated
  • hard reset my Treo
  • downloaded the OTA setup from
  • reinstalled Good
  • re-set all my Good settings (e.g. delete certain annoying autotext, turn off most of the reminders)

Then I was back in business. I know it was punishment for thinking the other day, "Hey, the Treo 700p / Goodlink 4.9 combo has been worked great for kind of awhile now!" It's like it heard me, and decided to show me why Palm is ditching their OS for some Linux thing... OH NO I DIDN'T


P.S. hahaha, speaking of technology turning against me, the Blog This thing with OneNote/Word also failed me. (It popped up a username and password box that would accept no usernames or passwords or even the Cancel button.) I would say it was due to Blogger testing out their beta editor for some lucky group of people and breaking their API for the rest of us schmucks, but then when I went into Word I found it had yet again lost my account credentials for this blog. WTF Microsoft, do you write the credentials on a napkin or something?


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sbreck - is your treo still working today or did the GX_ASSERT issue return? I just incurred this fatal error message myself on a Sprint phone and the early word back from Good/Sprint is that there is no ROM fix. They suggested going back to the 650.
it has been working ever since I posted that, so for just about two weeks. just follow the steps in my entry and you ought to be fine, if it's a Goodlink problem... make sure your admin deletes your Good cached profile, I think that is the key.
I'm more or less forced to work with the 700p/GoodLink combo.

By itself, the 700p is all right. When GoodLink is installed, it wrenches control away and installs its own utilities (particularly the addressbook). Attempting to remove the addressbook wipes out your contact list. GoodLink also randomly freezes the phone, prevents it from turning on, and requires frequent hard resets.

Then I reinstalled everything, spent an hour putting all my contacts in, the phone worked fine throughout the day, then at the end of the day it magically reset itself back to factory defaults. EVERYTHING was wiped out.

This is no exaggeration, and is absolutely true. As an engineer in a software company, I think whoever released this abomination on the world should be...let's just say severely punished.
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