Monday, September 10, 2007


I just added Blogger labels to all my posts. I don't think I added as many as I had Technorati labels but I was pleased that Blogger added this feature so the people that only care about OneNote can read those posts and the people that only care about MainSP2op.MSP can read those posts. (just kidding I didn't set a tag for that but seriously, that was a popular post at one point -- now it's all about GMail on the Treo) Anyway, in case there are any people that subscribe to this blog via RSS, I apologize for making the entire feed refresh.

Speaking of tagging, I have been using Windows Photo Gallery on Vista to tag my pictures. This of course started because we had a baby three months ago and eventually I wanted a fun way to distinguish pictures that had been posted to flickr, pictures that were of my wife and I, or of the three of us holding the baby, or of particular trips, etc. and my usual "directories that represent time periods in which the pictures were taken" method was making that kind of hard. My wife doesn't have Vista but mostly we look at pictures on our Media Center PC, which is running Vista so it has a nice interface to sort by tag. So it was in that spirit that I tagged this blog. Categories are nice. It must be some obsessive-compulsive bits of my psyche.

Still speaking of tagging and my compulsive nature, I have been working on adjusting genres of my MP3s. Yeah, of course I say that it's because of the baby -- you know, in case my wife wants to browse music by genre and doesn't want "Rock" to include such songs as "Evil Satan" by Acid King, "Sea of Rape (Pt1)" by Bible of the Devil, or "666lb. Bongsession" by Bongzilla while trying to bounce our 3-month-old son to sleep. (Yep, those are real songs in the Rock genre -- just going through A and B.) But it's also for me, because I would like to just shuffle genres of music when people come over and not have to run for the remote when something embarrassing comes on, like "Unholy Black Metal" by Darkthrone or "Desecration" by Deicide (who the hell characterized those as "Rock", anyway?). Windows Media Player kind of sucks for mass tagging but its Library function is actually very good for finding how things are tagged. I also own Tag & Rename which is far better for the granular stuff.

Anyway, two blog entries in one day has tuckered me plain out. Now to relax with some Deicide!


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